The Eighth Annual Against Cancer

How it Works

Starting 7:00pm EDT on October 16th, we will be live streaming a virtual game of Catan. On our Donation page, you will find a series of donation options to choose from. The donation total determines how long we play. More money means more problems, for both the players and for cancer.

Some donation options are designed to spread cheer. Others will inflict unspeakable horrors on the core players.

For example, at $5, we will dole out high fives and cheer the donor’s name.

For $30, donors can rename the robber, forcing players to call it by that name.

At $500 we will play a game of Virtual Jenga, where the loser eats a terrible Ghost Pepper that will haunt their digestive tract.

Winning grants players sweet relief in the form of a nap. For $310, however, donors are given the power to cancel a nap. Fortunately, $300 also gives donors the power to gift a nap.


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Scott Moyle who wanted to run a charity event and was inspired by the already successful Desert Bus for Hope. Along with 3-4 additional plucky souls, THE CATANATHON was born. After a couple of successful years, we partnered up with The Canadian Cancer Society.

Now in its ninth year, THE CATANATHON has raised over 35,000 DOLLARS and over 145 HOURS have been played!

Please check out some clips from last year’s CATANATHON!

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THE CATANATHON aims to eradicate cancer by raising money for cancer research through the continual playing of the board game classic Catan.